30-Day Challenge

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Healthy secure relating is the #1 factor when it comes to your health and happiness, so today we want to give you the gift of focusing on one area that you know needs a little work.  C'mon even the best of us can have bad emotional habits.

Here's The Thing…

People tend to overestimate how well they are doing with others.  Ick but true.  No matter your background or how much therapy you've done or the letters behind your name, we all have this regulatory system that  can get us in trouble.
Call it what you want – working on updating your internal working model (IWM), your implicit negative adaptations, your attachment insecurity, letting go of what no longer serves you… 

We are saying, “OK, let's do it!”

Cost = Free

There are no traps or sales gimmicks. This is simply a gift of accountability and challenge for you.  You are welcome 🙂 

First step:  Identify ONE area you can improve when it comes to how you treat yourself and others. 
Example – Could you improve that ugly self talk, reach out more to others, set better boundaries with others, understand why you get triggered in that particularly cringe-worthy way, let go of controlling the narrative? 

We share plenty of ideas on this and our own 30 day increasing earned security plan on the episode below. 

So – What is ONE thing you know you need to do to increase security in yourself and your relationships?You could stop there and work on your own and it's still a win! 

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