“Worth listening to!!”

"LOVE this podcast! As a therapist, I refer clients to it all the time. Ann and Sue are super relatable, intelligent, and authentic in every episode. Anyone who geeks out over the neuro & social sciences will find this podcast binge-worth!!"  - Kelley from the...

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An incredible resource! 

You ever listen to a podcast and think “wow, I can’t believe this is free”? That’s me with Therapist Uncensored. This show is a hugely valuable resource for both therapists and individuals on a path of self-exploration. The conversations Sue and Ann facilitate are...

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Super interesting and helpful

As a psychology student I started looking for a podcast on some interesting topics. This is the absolute most interesting podcast I found. I really love how Ann & Sue and their guests present these interesting topics and explain them so clearly. I often share...

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Exceptional And Essential Listening

This podcast has been invaluable to me on a personal and professional level. Depending my understanding and practice of maintaining boundaries, learning to play catch instead of ping pong in the way i communicate. Sue and Anne are fantastic, clear and incredibly...

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Thank you! So much great information!

I am a counselor, mostly with children. However, I have learned so much about adults, polyvagal theory, attachment myself and narcissism. So appreciate your work and your guests!

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This podcast is so important

I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate this podcast. Having grown up with both a mother and stepmother who had BPD, and being a nurse who sees the psychological and somatic ramifications of trauma and attachment disorders every day, this podcast speaks a...

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Blew me away!

I am a clinical psychologist with 18 years experience. I just listened to your dismissive/avoidance podcast, and was extremely impressed! You unpack the theories with such skill, lightness, and fun. Your ability to articulate the client’s perspective was excellent....

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Judy Kamara

I loved this training and it has been extremely useful in my practice. The worksheets are simple and relevant for working with families.

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Claire Holberton

I completed the course for personal reasons. I can however see ways that it will be useful for me professionally - both working with clients and colleagues. I particularly enjoyed the conversational approach...

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Erin Brienza

thank you! This was a great course - both inspirational and affirming for my practice.

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Brook Kettering

Thanks for the humor and light heartedness integrated in this difficult topic that everyone with parents can relate to! Super useful.

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I Love your podcast!

I appreciate every episode, it’s such high quality information, amazing guests, and you two are so much fun!

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Just discovered your podcast and I can’t stop listening! I am a huge geek on my own with these topics, but even more, I am married to a narcissist. I so appreciate all of the technical aspects and practical tips. Life changing!

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Happy to have found u

I am so happy to have found this podcast. I find it an invaluable resource as a working counselor. Not only does it provide information, but it also provides a pick me up if you are teetering on the edge of burnout.

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Thank You!

Thank you, ladies. This is such helpful work you’re doing!

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Game Changing

I geek out on clinically-oriented podcasts, and these women seem to find the perfect balance of being accessible yet highly instructive... they don't shout into the mic or pontificate. they are humble, grateful life-long learners who find joy in sharing cutting edge...

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Thank you Ann and Sue

If you need to be reminded that there are exceptional humans in the world doing generous things with their talents & spreading compassion then listen to this podcast. If you want to become a better human yourself... if you want to feel like you are earning an...

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Really helpful

Thank you so much for the information. I currently work with homeless women as a therapist and love love my job. Would love to hear more about best practices to use when working with homeless population and how to advocate for them..., and more, if you could do a...

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Invaluable Resource

During these troubling fields, this podcast continues to equip listeners like me with cutting-edge tools to regulate emotions during the darkest of storms, and to help those in your spheres of influence. The guests interviewed always amaze me. I cannot express the...

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So informative and fun!

I’m hooked on this podcast! They’re so educational yet also captivating (not dry). They have tons of credible guest speakers, and there’s always new information. Well worth a listen!

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