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(Please read the full guidelines below before submitting an article to our editorial team.)

A bit about Therapist Uncensored:

Therapist Uncensored is a top-rated podcast free to the public which shares the science of attachment, relational neuroscience and trauma in understandable tidbits.  Ann Kelley PhD and Sue Marriott LCSW, CGP are professional therapists who co-host the show, and they work hard studying, practicing and teaching this material so that it is accessible as widely as possible. In addition, they bring guest experts onto the show to bridge the audience with thought leaders in the field and keep their listeners informed and up to date.

Importantly, they also offer a rich online community primarily through a few Facebook channels, but recently they are branching out into other social media platforms. Finally, they offer a comprehensive course on modern attachment and neuroscience, and occasionally produce blogs about supporting material.  Frankly they’ve been too busy for the blog side but get many requests to publish posts.

A bit about you:

You have a passion for learning and teaching and have something unique to explore or to share about how attachment and relational neuroscience can help improve humans.

You like to create content because it educates and inspires.

You are NOT primarily trying to sell yourself or something you produce.

You do not misrepresent your professional credentials because you don’t have to here. We recognize that healers come in all forms and some don’t have letters behind their name. We keep it open to acknowledge voices from all backgrounds and not limit ourselves to a group that some brilliant minds might not fit in.

We are devoted to our listeners and thus have extremely high standards for what we will publish – if you submit something, our editorial board will determine whether or not to publish it.

Why You Should Write for TU?

We are a known and trusted podcast and community with world-wide access to an incredibly smart and active community.  Publishing with us will help you get your message and voice out wide and far. You will also be recognized as an authority with your association with us, and we will both benefit from collaboration.

  • We are nearing 1,000,000 downloads and are heard in 172 countries
  • We get roughly +/- 10,000 downloads per episode
  • We have over 5000 active members in our FB community
  • We have an enthusiastic and growing email list

What You Get by Publishing with Us:

  • Your article will be published and distributed in the trusted authority Therapist Uncensored blog
  • Your byline at the top of the article
  • Your image and authorbox at the end of the article with backlink to your site
  • Ongoing social shares of your post across all of our social media channels

Topics We Cover

Here are the types of topics we cover. Keep in mind that these are broad ideas rather than narrow suggestions. Articles on these topics, or closely related topics, are more likely to be considered for publication.

  1. Applied relational neuroscience (practical application in real life)
  2. Adult attachment
  3. Infant attachment as it relates to adult attachment healing and growth
  4. Application of the relational sciences
      • Relationships
      • Workplace
      • Organizations
      • Community
      • Institutions –incarceration, hospitals etc.
      • Non-traditional applications
  1. Therapy-related material
    • Choosing a therapist
    • Making the most of therapy
    • When therapy goes bad
    • Therapy for therapists
  1. Personal compelling stories of recovery/discovery that make a point about healing and growth for others related to these themes
  2. Diagnosis cross-over with regulation theme
      • BPD and red-side of the spectrum
      • Bipolar vs BPD
      • Narcissism and blue…
  1. Relationally-informed parenting related to attachment
      • Babies
      • Toddlers
      • Tweens
      • Teens
      • Young adults
  1. Podcasting and podcasters as a community
  2.  “Other”-centric articles related to modern attachment
      • LGBTQ ++
      • Gender continuum
      • Race, class, immigration status
  1. Inspiration

Article Writing Guidelines

So that you can send us an amazing article that’s likely to be accepted, here are some rough guidelines to follow:

  • At least 500 words but not more than 2000
  • Work is original and unpublished elsewhere
  • Contains a succinct, compelling headline
  • Speaks directly to our audience interested in learning and applying the relational sciences
  • Uses best practices when it comes to formatting articles for readability on the web including: headlines, sub-headlines, bulleted lists
  • Images do not need to be included (we will select and provide an appropriate image) but feel free to include ideas for any images or data that could be turned into a graphic if it helps drive forward your points
  • Optimized for SEO if possible (not required) – if you have a target keyword that you have optimized for, let us know that you have

What Happens When We Accept Your Article

If your article is accepted, you will hear from us directly. You permanently retain the copyright to the blog post, but we ask that you not republish the article in its entirety elsewhere. We reserve the right to make minor edits to your article, including the headline, to conform to Therapist Uncensored standards – however we will request your approval of any significant changes prior to publication.

By submitting an article, you give us the right to publish it with full attribution to you, and to use it within our marketing materials. By submitting you agree to this use of the material, but we may also ask you to sign a release to this effect.

We are bummed that there is no financial compensation for guest contributions at this time – but you will get great kharma and the pleasure of knowing you’ve made a difference.  In addition it may serve to create a relationship with us that leads to you being a guest on the show depending on topic.

The bad news – due to the volume of our mail traffic we regretfully cannot reply to everyone who has submitted. Most likely if you have not followed the guidelines outlined on this page, your work may not be chosen and you may not hear back from us.  This is not a snub, it’s just the reality of the volume of work coming in and out at this time.

How to Submit

When you have an article ready for our consideration, please email it to submissions@therapistuncensored.com.

Here is what to include in your email:

  • Subject: Please write “Guest Blog Submission” in the subject line
  • Body: Say hi 😊 & provide a quick summary of what your post is about and why you are the best person to cover this
  • Attachments:
    • Your full article in .docx or .doc format
    • Your author bio in .docx or .doc format – please include your desired backlink in your bio
    • A high-quality photo of you, not necessarily your headshot maybe something more candid but headshot is fine

Note that if you or your content is not a match for our blog, or if you do not follow the guidelines, you will likely not hear back from us. Please feel free to seek out the publication of your work elsewhere starting 4 weeks after submitting to Therapist Uncensored.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your guest post!

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