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Meet our amazing supporters who are helping us spread the science of the mind and secure relationships to the world.
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ALL our neuronerds help us help others to learn how to understand your mind, which literally changes your brian, which impacts every close relationship.  Whether you've shared the show, rated us or left a review, participated in online discussions or have ever been part of our online neuronerd community, we thank you from the bottom of our big ole' Austin, Texas hearts.

However we want to specifically thank your Co-Executive Producers, our Platinum Supporters – who go above and beyond!  We are lucky to personally have gotten to know many of them. They are typically open to hearing from you especially if their page is linked below, so reach out to them if you have a question or would like to consult.


Platinum Neuronerds

Cindy Geist

Petar Victoria Turcinovic

James A. Baker 

Kelley Purselley

Bobbi Blain

Camille Scent

Wendy Schembri

Margaret Moriarty

Jacalyn Brecher

Clare Holberton

Natalie McElroy

Katie Fries

Tinecia Hearne



Nancy Kotz

Robert Coffman 

Shannon Knapp

Lila Pond

 Susan Kohler

Conor Doherty

And thank you to every single Gold and Supernerd Supporter for pitching in and allowing us time to focus on creation and trusted content, and help in getting the show delivered far and wide!

It is truly making a difference!

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