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Where therapists freely speak their minds on real life matters!

This podcast is for any life-long learners, curious skeptics, and self-help junkies that want a little science with their fluff. Besides those who just want a peek behind the therapist notepad, it is specifically for anyone interested in learning more about what makes you emotionally tick and for those with a desire to better manage your relationships with others. Not a small side note – it can also be an inroad you can send to that person that you want to be more interested in relationships… ????

Our format includes a combination of

decades of experience working successfully with people from all walks of life individually and in couples and groups

years of learning and teaching interpersonal relational psychology and relational neurobiology, attachment, trauma, and couples therapy

a sprinkling of “we just don’t give a damn” how other people think we should be acting! We are old enough now and have enough experience to worry less and tell it like it is!

We believe there are many lifelong learners out there. And the wider our listening community, the more people who will grow towards more secure and fulfilling relationships,

which in turn creates a small ripple…
which can impact others…
and has the capacity to produce profound changes in our small and large worlds.

So, please help us spread security by sharing these ideas and this podcast freely with spouses, clients, students, therapists, physicians, mothers-in-law, professors, your mailman, your hairdresser….

Join us and be part of creating this ripple of security!

Oh and another thing –

We are also very excited that this educational platform is lead by women, and more than that, women with diverse economic and social class backgrounds. Therefore we can add a perspective that is often missing when it comes to teaching and training. We know what we know AND we know what we don’t know, which is really valuable. We hope to add humility, transparency, and vulnerability to our conversations. So grab your floatie and your Lone Star Beer and jump in with us!

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