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TU133: Holding Your Own 1: Messy but Secure Relating

TU133: Holding Your Own 1: Messy but Secure Relating

Holding Your Own with Challenging Personalities - staying secure in relationship with those high in narcissistic, borderline or anti-social traits. Session 1 Can my messy and loud relationship qualify as secure functioning?  It's not that easy to tell. Most of us have...

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featured Guests

We bring you world-reknown guest experts, as well as outside-the-choir voices, so you may have direct access to updated theory and fresh ideas as they come.

Featured guests include the smartest minds in the relational sciences.

Bruce Perry

Kristen Neff

Lou Cossolino

Bonnie Badenoch

Pat Crittendon

Dan Siegel

David Elliott

Ellyn Bader

Dan Brown

Pat Ogden

Esther Perel

Bruce Eckert

Alan Srouf

Nancy McWilliams

Peggy Orenstein

Steve Porges

Tina Payne-Bryson

Deb Dana

Stan Tatkin

Lori Gottlieb

And many, many more deep thinkers and fabulous minds that we interview both to bring you their work, and to continuously integrate new and trusted perspectives into our own thinking and theory of what actually works to heal people.

Stan Tatkin

Steve Finn

Alphonso Appleton

Ellyn Bader

Dan Brown

Jules Shore

Liz Plank

Bonnie Badenoch

Sarah Peyton

Aby Blakely

Deb Dana

Doug Braun-Harvey

Tina Atkins

L Brookins

Pam Greenstone

Robyn Gobbel

Linno Rhodes

The Science of Psychotherapy's Becki Mendivil

Susan Ansorge

Bob Schneider

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