TU20: Developing Racial Identity With Guests Rudy Lucas And Christine Schmidt

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Show Notes

Guests Christine Schmidt and Rudy Lucas join co-hosts Patty Olwell and Sue Marriott in a wide-ranging discussion on racial identity just after the election. Privileged white people talking about race can be awkward – we discuss how our natural sense of safety is part of our privilege and letting ourselves step out and get uncomfortable is necessary to even begin to dig in and get the compassion, understanding and necessary context to be able to be useful in these times. The safety bubble has popped and it could not be more obvious given the current political climate of division that a shaking and awakening is necessary.

What is Racial Identity

Rudy and Christine walk us through some of the steps necessary to look at aspects of racial identity, both white and black. We discuss immunity by color, invisibility, access, race avoidance, colorism, recommended study and literature, history and context, and we barely scratched the surface with this conversation.

This quote stands out because of it’s clarity and it’s importance!

In response to question about reverse racism, Rudy responded:

“There is no such thing as reverse racism, because the determining factor is access to power. Oppressed populations never have been known to have any kind of power sufficient to have their feelings thoughts and wishes codified into the law….”

And he concluded –“People can be guilty of prejudice, discrimination, judgement… but racist they cannot be in the absence of power. “

Rudy Lucas

Racism must have the weight of history and institutional power under it to exist. Which is why those of us with history and the laws on our side can’t complain now that we are uncomfortable and see it as equal to an oppressed person’s suffering.

The conversation ranged and covered many topics but Christine and Rudy recommend as next steps that you view these two videos:



Additional resources for this episode:

Thanks again to our guests Christine Schmidt and Rudy Lucas! Our guests contact info is

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Rudy Lucas (917) 656-8083

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