TU52.5: Bonus Episode: Meditation to Reduce Stress and Worry

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Brain Science, Episodes, Mindfulness, Therapy, Trauma

Show Notes

Mindfulness and mediation in action.  Neuroscience tells us that learning to manage our arousal through practice benefits our minds and body very quickly and frankly, we wouldn’t be doing this right if we weren’t offering practical strategies.

12 minute meditation

This is a bonus episode designed to go with Episode 52 – but what’s super cool is that this one is a straight 12-minute mindfulness meditation practice lead by yoga master and psychotherapist, Kelly Inselmann.

  • Used to meditating? Great you’ll love it.
  • Never done it?  Great let’s try it, no time like the present!
  • Don’t worry, Kelly’s voice isn’t irritatingly soft and woo-woo. She knows her stuff.


Afterwards check out the traditional podcast format in the companion Episode 52, Mindfulness, Movement and Yoga to Manage Arousal, with Kelly Inselmann

Who is Kelly Inselmann: 

Kelly is a psychotherapist and yoga instructor in Austin, TX. She studies and teaches kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She began her study of yoga 25 years ago and is certified as a yoga teacher at the highest level (500 hours). She continues to actively study with senior teachers throughout the country. She is a certified yoga therapist through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


Resources for TU52.5 Meditation to Reduce Stress and Worry: 

Yoga and Talk, Integrating Yoga and Psychotherapy – Kelly Inselmann

Joy Boots for Cancer Survivors – Kelly Inselmann

Trauma Sensitive Yogo in Therapy Bringing the Body Into Treatment by David Emerson

Overcoming trauma through yoga Reclaiming your body by David Emerson

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