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Using the science of attachment, mentalization and emotional regulation in the classroom, and in this case, adult learners. A look at the take-aways from a tour of relational science experts, guest Linno Rhodes joins co-host Dr. Ann Kelley as they look at applying the skills learned in one’s life and the workplace.

Our guest today shares herself as a case example of how learning about the use of attachment science and how it affects one’s perceptions of co-workers, employees and students can change your life personally, and your effectiveness in the workplace. For her that meant the lucky adult literacy students she gets to work with.

Therapist Uncensored co-host Ann Kelley joins guest Linno Rhodes to uncover the difficulties and nuances of adult education, with special attention to dysregulation, attachment and barriers like literacy. Rhodes and Kelley share personal experiences with adjusting their mindsets in regards to education and how these shifts can allow for tremendous personal growth.

Linno was so enthusiastic about learning about the relational sciences in her own life that she went after and received a fellowship from The Victorian Adult Literacy Education Council in Melbourne Australia. With this she came to Austin and met Sue and Ann, and then traveled the US interviewing thought leaders on the relational sciences to bring back to Australia. Now that is enthusiasm + passion + savvy guts!!

Check out her PDF presentation below that addresses mindsight, growth mindset versus fixed mindset, ideas to teach regulation, and lot’s of great suggestions that apply to many settings, not just education!

In this episode, TU85, we discuss:

  • Linno’s take-aways from her thought-leader attachment tour and bringing her best practices back to Victoria, Australia
  • Her background, experience, and focus on adult education
  • The trends in the classroom that impact the desire to learn, such as the barrier between literacy and illiteracy
  • Some important factors in education such as tone, board preparation, greetings and eye contact
  • Reframing learning as a growth mindset, instead of a fixed mindset
  • The role of emotion regulation in the classroom
  • Mirror neurons and their role in the classroom
  • Teaching tools about the relational sciences (see powerpoint below)

Resources from this episode:

  • Linno Rhodes has worked in Adult Literacy Education for 15 years. Prior to this she worked with women and children escaping family violence. Through the 2017 Department of Education and Training Higher Education and Skills Group and the International Specialized Skills Institute she was awarded an International Vocational Training Practitioner Fellowship, which brought her to study in the US.
  • Email:
  • Reading Between the Lines-Seeing Invisible trauma – teaching and learning PDF
  • Dweck, C. (2017) MindsetChanging the Way You Think to Fulfill Your Potential. Random House, New York
  • Olson,K. (2014) The Invisible Classroom. Relationships, Neuroscience and Mindfulness in School, Norton
  • Rogers, C.R. & Freiberg, H.J. (1994). Freedom to Learn (3rd Ed). Columbus, OH: Merrill/Macmillan.
  • Siegel, DJ (2012) Mindsight: Change Your Brain and Your Life. Scribe
  • International Specialised Skills Institute
  • Olympic Adult Education

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