TU24: Grief And Our Body’s Wisdom On Surviving It With Candyce Ossefort-Russell

by | Mar 20, 2017 | Emotional Intelligence, Episodes, Guest Interviews, Mindfulness, Relationships, Trauma

Show Notes

Grief: a natural process to heal the violation of loss. 

Candyce Ossefort-Russell and co-hosts Ann Kelley and Patty Olwell discuss what grief is, how our culture views it and how to understand and help ourselves and others navigate the healing journey through mourning and loss.

 What Is Grief?

Grief is the natural healing process that we experience when our emotions and bodies are confronted with loss of an important person, relationship or role. Loss disregulates our nervous system and our self organization. The podcast describes how destabilizing this can be and how different the process can look from individual to individual.

Our Cultures View Of Grief

Our culture looks at grief as something to be cured rather than a natural healing process that needs to occur. And our discomfort with grief can often leave the person suffering the loss feeling isolated and cut off from relationships that could help them recover from their loss.

How Can We Help Someone Suffering From Loss?

Candyce discusses how unwavering fearless support from at least one important person while journeying through the grief process can be invaluable. The acceptance of the individuals process rather than trying to fix them or pathologize the way they are grieving should be the priority.

Thanks to our interviewee Candyce Ossefort-Russell! www.candycecounseling.com

To get Your Grief is Your Own, a free e-book by Candyce that follows up on this podcast, go to: bit.ly/griefdownload



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  •  These and other resources have been collected for you on our Resources page!



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