TU25: Ping Pong Vs. Catch: Turning Communication from Competition to Connection

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Emotional Intelligence, Episodes, Neuroscience, Parenting, Relationships

Show Notes

Enhancing Communication

Learn how playing a good game of emotional pitch and catch can immediately improve your communications.  Sometimes hearing the words “Can we talk?!?” can fill you with anticipation and dread. And once we feel a bit of threat, it does not bode well for how that “talk” could end up despite our best intentions.

Strategy To Improve Communication

In today’s episode, we explore why and how this response happens and share strategies to help make these interactions more fulfilling.

By visualizing the difference in two sports, Ping Pong and Catch, we help listeners conceptualize the body’s response to different listening states and “feel” their way to more open and engaging interactions.



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