TU27: Raising Secure Children With Guest Tina Payne Bryson

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Attachment, Brain Science, Episodes, Guest Interviews, Parenting, Relationships

Show Notes

Let's Talk Parenting…

In this episode co-host Sue Marriott interviews attachment expert Tina Payne Bryson about the real challenges of staying attuned and connected while raising children. It’s a no-nonsense conversation that offers parents practical steps to increase the odds of raising secure kids. For child-free individuals it’s also a great conversation about what we needed but may not have gotten, so it’s a good listen for those needing to develop more self-empathy.

We discuss how to stay curious, peel back the layers and recognize the behavior as communication.Tina Payne Bryson explains the problem with Time Out, and what to do instead.

Then we discuss how to move out of reactive states of mind in order to be ready to teach (discipline) your child, and how to help your child be ready to receive (learn from) our highly valuable feedback. 🙂

In addition we cover ruptures and repairs, and the gap between over and under-invested parents.

Practical ideas such as the 4 S’s: safe, secure, seen and soothed are explained.

We end with two key pieces of advice for all parents – soothe your child especially when they are in heightened distress (read: often when they are behaving badly), and soothe yourself as needed (balancing autonomy and connection is a sign of security).

Finally, listeners are advised to keep challenging what you think you know!



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