TU63: Living with Cancer – The Six Principles of Emotional Healing with Guest Kelly Inselmann

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Show Notes

Cancer sucks, no way around it. If you have it, had it or are supporting someone who does, this episode will be nourishment for you by bringing your mind and body into the healing and recovery process for cancer and trauma is so important.

Fighting cancer is often traumatic physically, emotionally and relationally. Podcast host Dr. Ann Kelley joins therapist and Yoga Instructor Kelly Inselmann (LCSW, C-IAYT,CGP) as she shares her personal journey through cancer recovery and describes her passion and process in supporting others to find hope and healing while in this compromised state.

They discuss how modifying the six principles of emotional recovery into the basic principles of yoga can have an immense impact on well-being and recovery.

This episode provides insight both for those directly experiencing the trauma of cancer and for those who love and support them. As a Bonus, Kelly leads our listeners through a 12 minute Kundalini meditation called Kirtan Kriya. This is published as a stand-alone bonus episode so that you can use it as a resource in your own daily practice.

TU 63: Show Notes


Introduction and recap on previous yoga podcast

Activating the body to heal the mind through yoga

How trauma not only affects the mind but the body as well. Importance of making people feel safe in their bodies in the moment and tolerate their sensations

Association with previous sensations with your body, both positive/pleasure and negative/pain

Equipping yourself with the tools to negotiate all your bodily sensations outside of yoga class

Power of mental mantras, knowing your true self, “sat nam”


Inselmann’s own journey with Stage 3 breast cancer and recovery, how she translated that to her own teachings

Finding the balance between seizing the day and really appreciating every moment through taking it slow


Modifying the basic elements of yoga to fit you, be it for cancer, trauma, etc.

JoyBootsForCancerSurvivors.com & KellyInselmann.com

Yoga as a tool for emotional recovery

Phenomena of depression once physical recovery is completed

Six principles of emotional recovery

1) Just being with what is right now, physically, emotionally and mentally. You have to feel it to heal it.

Finding a therapist specifically for your caregiver to walk through process in their own way

2) Finding the medicine and healing even when there is discomfort, learning to ask for help.


3) Grab a fistful of prana and accept what the universe has to offer you and bring it in.

4) There are gifts even in our physical limitations.

5) Cultivating your own prana/energy. Finding the right movement, meditation, food, habits to harvest energy

6) “Joy boots”. Hold on to memory of movement practice and using it as a somatic marker. If yourself from that memory wouldn’t feel good doing something you’re doing now, avoid it.

Check out our bonus episode, a 12-minute track of a high-quality mediation specifically for you, our listeners. Thank you Kelly for this offering! Click here to hear that Bonus Meditation

Who is Kelly Inselmann: 

Kelly is a psychotherapist and Kundalini yoga instructor in Austin, TX and Sue is super-thrilled that she is also a Certified Group Psychotherapist. She is the founder of cutting edge Yoga and Talk Therapy groups, classes, workshops, and retreats to help cancer survivors recover emotionally and reclaim their vitality. More information at www.kellyinselmann.com

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