TU69: Exploring Intersecting Genders – What We Can All Learn with Guest Li Brookens

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Show Notes

Exploring Intersecting Genders – What We Can All Learn

Walk through the discovery experience of coming to understand yourself as transgender and see how coming to truly discover and embrace yourself relates to everyone, not just those who identify as non-binary.

Therapist Uncensored co-host Sue Marriott LCSW, CGP joins Umbrella Collective founder, clinical social worker, psychotherapist and parent Li Brookens in a lively discussion on recognizing the complexities (and social implications) of defining oneself as non-binary. They discuss what therapists need to know in working with these populations, and share great resources to follow up. Their sweet conversation captures the human development across ages to the struggle and pride of landing in a place with oneself that feels like home.

They also talk about how to differentiate terms like gender and sex and the importance of a non-binary conception when discussing identity. We think you’ll enjoy it and learn something no matter your gender identity!


Li Brookens is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), certified group psychotherapist (CGP), and clinical hypnotherapist providing psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups in Boulder, Colorado. Li is the founder of their group practice, the Umbrella Collective that specializes in psychotherapy for your intersecting identities. Li has advanced skills in working with LGBTQ+ identities, young adults, and groups. Li works collaboratively with clients weaving together modern psychodynamic theory and postmodern therapy using a social justice lens that centers on marginalized identities. “I believe that each client I work with has an inner knowing that is seeking to be uncovered. I see my job as helping my clients excavate that knowledge so they can empower themselves to make meaningful changes in their lives.”



Li’s own experience growing up, maturing and discovering their gender identity as non-binary


Removing binary thinking from identity and opening up a world for identity

Counter transference

Defining “cisgender”, transgender as anyone who transgresses gender norms

Gender assignment vs. sex assignment, sexual orientation, sex role

Non-gender specific pronouns such as “they”


Preferred terms vs defining terms; it’s not a preference, it just is.

Addressing being trans in a general therapy sessions

Gender dysphoria

Having a problem with anxiety vs. having anxiety about having a problem

Resources, how best to address transgender people as therapists, familiarizing yourself with the gender spectrum

Wrap up and outro



The Colonized Mind: Gender Trauma and Mentalization by Sarah Silverman – excellent clinical article from therapists perspective, one of Li’s favorite’s!

WPath.org (World Psychological Organization for Transgender Health)    THIS IS A MUST SEE -Ethical Standards, be familiar with these if you are a therapist. Great resource!

Gender Spectrum for families Another awesome resource, this has tons of great material for anyone interested in learning more! Share freely.

Umbrella Collective – how to get in touch with Li Brookens

KUT Views & Brews: “Being Trans in Texas Today”

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