TU 159: Preoccupation in Relationships – Signs and Solutions to Anxious Attachment – REPLAY

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Show Notes

Our new season starts Nov 2, 2021!  In the meantime, It is our pleasure to share one of our most popular in our basic attachment series.  This is the second of three – 159, 160, 161.  Whether it’s new to you or not we hope you enjoy this content and share it with somebody who should hear it or re-listen and reflect.

We will be back soon and have been working hard contemplating next steps.  Look for us live again early November, we have a great season coming up and more chances for our listeners to interact.  Season 6 will pick up where these leave off, and we cannot wait to share more with you.

Improve your sense of security and communicate more effectively inside yourself, and with those you love by understand preoccupied/anxious attachment.  Begin to learn to manage your body’s reactivity in relationships by learning about preoccupied/anxious attachment and how it relates to unconscious regulation of the brain.

Dr. Ann Kelley and Sue Marriott LCSW, CGP discuss the Insecure Preoccupied, or Anxious/Ambivalent side of the attachment spectrum. This discussion can stand alone, but it also continues as a soft Part 2 from last episode TU59: Are You Cool or Just Cut Off – Dismissing Attachment. The hosts begin to really go into how to use the attachment spectrum to identify where you might fall and how to move towards a more secure place.

Find out how anxious attachment is formed and passed on, as well as how starting anxious affects relationships later in our adult life. You’ll learn how to manage relationships better by turning inwards and regulating yourself rather than focusing on others to calm you down. Therapist Uncensored co-hosts Kelley and Marriott will also provide basic tips towards identifying where you are on the attachment spectrum and how to move from anxious attachment towards security.


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