Attachment Assessment Unpacked, Ann & Sue Geek Out and Debrief Previous Episode with Carol George (163)

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Breaking down the nitty-gritty of attachment and assessment!

There were so many exciting moments in the previous interview with Carol George that we couldn't help but sit down and get into with you.  We use excerpts from Episode 162, TU162: Adult Attachment Projective (AAP) Assessment & Clinical Use with Dr. Carol George and geek out as we work to continue to learn and incorporate the feedback from this legend in the field of attachment.

We also worked to make this sometimes technical material more accessible to everybody, however, we'd still call this episode dense.  Yeah, well, good content should not be over-simplified, you are welcome!

If you have not had the chance to listen to the previous episode with world-renowned Attachment Assessment pioneer, Dr. Carol George – that's ok, we cover a lot in this one but you will definitely get the most out of it as a follow up to hearing the original first. Be easy on yourself though, there is no right or wrong way to learn!

We are still excited by the exceptional opportunity to learn directly from Dr. George, and for the privilege, we have in getting to sit down with so many incredible experts in the field of Attachment. We thought there was no better way to follow up than to bring you an in-depth session with Ann and Sue to really get into the heart of attachment assessment. Follow along as they explore what attachment really means, how research has evolved, and how it is relevant on a clinical level. Guided by excerpts from the conversation with Dr. George, they share personal stories, and their own knowledge of the topic to give you 40 minutes of insightful, candid conversation to expand your knowledge even greater. You won't want to miss it!

TU162: Adult Attachment Projective (AAP) Assessment & Clinical Use with Dr. Carol George

You may also enjoy another legend in the direct science and research related to attachment, Dr. Alan Sroufe –

TU141: How We Become the Person's We Are with Dr. Alan Sroufe, Attachment Through the Lifespan

Attachment Assessment Resources Galore!!

AAP Flyer – pdf click here to find out more about training on the AAP

Clinical Application of the Adult Attachment Projective 

Adult Attachment Projective PDG article by George & West

Assessing Secure Base Behavior and Attachment Security Using the Q-Sort Method

The Adult Attachment Projective Picture System: Attachment Theory and Assessment in Adults

Use of the Adult Attachment Projective Picture System (AAP) in the Middle of a Long-Term Psychotherapy Dr. Steve Finn

TU162: Adult Attachment Projective (AAP) Assessment & Clinical Use with Dr. Carol George

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