Attachment, Stress & Bootstraps – The Intersection of Poverty & Mental Health with Dr. Sharon Lambert (191)

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Show Notes

The intersection of poverty and mental illness – intergenerational patterns that impact one another.

Attachment ‘insecurity” is partly a manifestation of unresolved stress patterns in the child and, by extension, the family. Therapists usually think of stress as interpersonal and dyadic, but you can't isolate individuals from context. We talk about context a lot when it comes to attachment – the circumstances or setting which helps to understand a process more deeply.

As Sharon Lambert says in today's episode, you can't “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” if you have no boots. Sue Marriott and Sharon Lambert discuss the unconscious bootstraps communities have that cause blame towards those who are struggling.
There is no doubt that poverty impacts physical and emotional health, and thus lifting children out of poverty is a direct intervention in their well-being. Today's session also explores fascinating research on how people use mental health podcasts – join us!

“We still have these perpetuating cycles – it's not the cycle of addiction, it's the cycle of trauma. It's not the cycle of poverty, it's the cycle of trauma. We have to start looking at systems and asking ‘how do we break these cycles?'” – Dr. Sharon Lambert 

Time Stamps for Poverty & Mental Health

1:05 – Poverty is one of the biggest predictors of depression

9:56 – The privilege of higher education

11:51 – Differing views of drug and alcohol use between the classes

22:06 – Cortisol levels of parenting in poverty

25:43 – Being aware of differing trauma responses

32:12 – Explanation of the “child benefit payment” in Ireland

39:18 – The risk, rewards & research of mental health podcasts

46:44 – Mental health podcast recommendations

1:00:58 – Trans community and mental health

Resources for  Poverty & Mental Health 

Dr. Sharon Lambert – UCC Research Profile & list of Studies

Podcasts as a tool for enhancing mental health literacy: An investigation of mental health-related podcasts PDF of 2022 article cited

“Her Dislike of the Words ‘Addict' & ‘Clean'” – Youtube Video

“Where the Light Enters” – Youtube Video

The Blindboy Podcast – Episode

The Two Norries – Podcast

Twitter Profile


About Dr. Sharon Lambert

Dr. Sharon Lambert joined the teaching staff at the School of Applied Psychology in 2014 following a number of years working within community-based settings that provided support to marginalized groups. Sharon’s research interests revolve primarily around the impact of trauma on development, its link with substance dependence and mental health, and consequent considerations for service design and delivery. Sharon conducts research with community-based partners such as addiction, homelessness, criminal justice, and education organizations. The research looks at both primary psychological trauma (Adverse Childhood & Community Experiences) and secondary traumatic stress. The impact of trauma on well-being and outcomes is explored and the application of research and theory to service delivery is of significant interest. Sharon is a member of the Psychological Society of Ireland, Silent Voices Advisory Group and was appointed to the statutory Parole Board by the Minister for Justice.


View the Transcripts Here – Dr. Sharon Lambert 

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