Disarming Human Defenses: Harnessing Healthy Aggression with Jeanne Bunker, Session 4 of 5 (186)

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Show Notes

Aggression can be a good thing. 

It seems backward, right?  Aggression is not a feeling – it is a behavior that is frequently associated with feelings such as anger, fear and even hunger.  It is a vital energy that propels us forward with an intention. Aggression can be both a positive or negative resource to help us navigate our personal goals, increase intimacy within our relationships, and to act as a catalyst for change when paired with desire.

Follow along as Jeanne Bunker and Sue Marriott break down the negative connotations and provide perspective to harness this resource and help reclaim healthy aggression.

We're going to figure out how to use that aggressive energy – that life giving energy – to propel us forward. – Jeanne Bunker

Aggression is a potentially healthy life force   

Jeanne Bunker – internationally-respected group therapist and bad-ass martial artist

Jeanne Bunker , LCSW, CGP, FAGPA, has had a psychotherapy practice in Austin, TX, working with groups, individuals, and couples since 1993.  Passionate about teaching and mentoring, Jeanne is a faculty member at the Center for Group Studies in NYC, a frequent presenter for the American Group Psychotherapy Association, has taught internationally (Russia, Romania, Spain), and conducts various ongoing training groups for clinicians. She writes about gender, women’s concerns, oppression, and Modern Analysis. To support her own growth and balance, Jeanne studies and teaches Tai Chi and Kung Fu within the Shaolin-Do tradition.

Time Stamps for Healthy Aggression – Ep 186

2:47 – The definition of aggression

8:41 – Distinguishing between aggression and anger and other emotions

15:21 – Connection between aggression and desire

25:30 – The role of aggression in intimacy

30:25 – Creative and constructive versus destructive expression of aggression

37:51 – Example scenario: practicing healthy aggression

50:26 – How “call out culture” can be a defense

Resources for Healthy Aggression, Ep 186

Jeanne Bunker's Website

The Center for Group Studies – NYC

American Group Psychotherapy Assn – excellent resource for training in group therapy

JLBunker@prodigy.net – Contact email – she'd love to hear from you

Podcast on the science behind aggression – Huberman Labs


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